The Division Guide: Best Skills And Talents For Solo Build

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We recently tackled the best builds for Tanks, Snipers and Medics in The Division. This time, let?s talk about the best skills and talents recommended for solo players. The Division often promotes that players work with each other to accomplish missions and side activities, but there are still those who prefer to go alone. Although the game is significantly harder to play alone, it?s a pretty good experience for those aching for a challenge. This the Division guide will teach you how to survive alone in the game.


The whole point of the Solo build is to create a character that can do a lot of things that a party can also do. It?s doable, but the difficulty spike is big especially during battles. That?s why one of the recommended skills for the Solo build is the Turret. It?ll even be a lot better if the Turret is modded with Dragonbreath and Zapper for some status effects.

Since you?ll be alone most of the time, expect to be under heavy fire from time to time. The turret is not only useful for damaging enemies and inflicting status effects, it also diverts your foes? attention away from you. It?s best to be ready with First Aid or any other healing skills so that you can heal yourself if ever the med kits run out.


Since med kits will be your primary form of healing, having Critical Save at bay will further prolong your effectiveness in battle. You?ll be saving up on med kits as well, so you?ll probably be using them when your health is at a really low point.

Additionally, since you?ll be saving up on med kits for when your health gets really low, be sure to equip Strike Back so that your skills cooldown quickly.

It?ll be best to take advantage of what the Turret has to offer, so be sure to equip Wildfire and Fear Tactics, depending on what Turret mod you have. Another way to improve the effectiveness of Turrets is by adding the Tech Support skill which can prolong the duration of any active skill by 10 percent.

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