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The Division Guide: Best Perks To Get First

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Players of Tom Clancy?s The Division are given access to three types of abilities: skills, perks and talents. Players are allowed to have a total of two different active skills. As for talents, they could add up to four to their arsenal. But for perks, players aren’t limited to one or two, as all of it are usable for the players once they unlock them; it’s only a matter of which ones to unlock first. Here are some of the best perks to get first in The Division.

Experienced Agent

This nifty perk from the Security Wing adds a bonus to the total exp the player gets with each action. What’s good is that players don?t need to save resources for this skill as it’ll be given for free when you unlock the Security Wing.

Intel Discovery

Yet another Security Wing perk, Intel Discovery lets the player see all the collectible intel in a zone once the activity or missions in it are done. As a very valuable upgrade, this comes cheap, and it will reward players with extra exp once they find the intel.


This Med Wing upgrade in The Division is especially useful for players who keep finding themselves in tough spots as it adds an extra medkit slot for the player. Like the Experienced Agent perk, this will come free upon unlocking the Med Wing.


By the name itself, it’s easy to figure out what this Med Wing perk does. It adds a significant 10 percent bonus to the Credit gathered in any way. Those looking to get rich early on should invest in this perk early.


This perk will add a few slots to the inventory by 10 slots. It will come as a free upgrade to the Tech Wing. This will be very useful for those equipment runs early on in the game.

Dark Zone Funds

Last but not the least, this perk makes every Dark Zone run in The Division worth it. Like the Credit perk, the Dark Zone Funds will add a 10 percent bonus to all acquired Dark Zone Credit. Get it early on in the game before heading out into the Dark Zone.


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