The Division: How To Glitch Outside The Map And the Best Areas You Should See

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Players have found a way to glitch out of The Division map and discovered some unfinished areas that will possibly be included in the game soon. It?s unclear what the new missions will be, but players already have an idea on the map layout of the areas due to some solid but incomplete content on these inaccessible areas. Here?s a video from user Chaz which discusses how players can glitch out and see what?s beyond the current maps of The Division.

As seen in the video, players will need to travel to the far end of Hell?s Kitchen until they find a large gate. Glitching out involves ?squeezing? your character into the gate to eventually end up on the other side. Doing these glitches doesn?t break the game so far and will only bring the players to unfinished portions of the title. There are no items to be picked up or quests to be done in these areas as Ubisoft might still be polishing the content for them. Getting outside this area is not an issue as players can just fast travel away from the place.

The video reveals a few locations which might be coming in future updates of The Division. It features a manhole that leads to an area where you can see through the map as well as an entrance to a possible mission named ?CDC Specialist Part 2 Override.?

Other known Manhattan locations were discovered such as the DeWitt Park and Central Park. The glitched access to these incomplete areas may be an indirect confirmation of these places in The Division. So far, Central Park has been confirmed to be a mass grave in The Division, but the DeWitt park map is yet to be revealed in official announcements. Perhaps it will be part of the Conflict update rolling in this May, or it could also arrive as early as the Incursion update next month.

For now, we still have two weeks away till April, so let?s keep our eyes open for official Ubisoft announcements. Stay updated on The Division news here on TheBitBag.

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