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The Division: Where To Get Weapon Skins

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There’s no doubt that The Division?s customization feature is really in-depth, and it provides players with a lot of options for their characters and weapons. Unlike the weapon parts mods, weapon skins have no bonus effects as they are mainly aesthetic items, like clothes. Aside from moddable parts, developer Massive also allowed players to customize weapons with skins. However, these skins aren’t that common in Manhattan, so here?s a rundown on where to find them.

Enemy Drops
Like weapon part mods, weapon skins can be acquired from enemies as well. They’re not as easy to come by as weapon parts, but with enough grinding, they?ll drop eventually. It’s worth noting that no specific enemy has a higher drop rate for weapon skins, so all players could do is hope for the best when checking out drops. This also means that there’s no need to rush through the Dark Zone for these weapon skins.

Be Friendly
Players have seen a lot of helpless civilians on the streets of Manhattan in The Division. Most of the times, these guys ask for some med kits or soda from players. Helping them out provides players with a few bonuses. Aside from the extra exp, these civilians also drop some items for the players. The items include clothes, and if you?re lucky enough, weapon skins. Always be on the lookout for these civilians as they carry some valuable items. If you do happen to spot one, you should act fast as these guys easily feel neglected after a few seconds.

If players manage to upgrade the Security Wing to the point when it already has a supply line, a Clothes Vendor will be available. These guys will offer weapon skins for a certain price, so be sure to check out what they have in store from time to time. There are also some vendors at the Dark Zone in The Division that sell weapon skins for some Dark Zone Credits.

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