The Division: Where To Get Pre-Order Bonus And Ubisoft Club Rewards

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The Division is out now and we can bet that millions of players are scouring every nook and cranny of mid-crisis Manhattan for awesome loot. What most players could?ve missed is that Ubisoft has set up a couple of rewards for fans of The Division for those who pre-ordered and and those with an existing Ubisoft Club acoount.

Those who have a couple of bonuses for The Division may have noticed that acquiring them isn?t as simple as it seems there are a couple of things players should do to get them. First on the list is locating the Rewards Claim Vendor at the base of operations.

To have access to the vendor, players will need to progress the story a little bit forward up until they finish the Brooklyn prologue. After the events of the prologue, the agent will have set up his base at Manhattan. The prologue contains one mission which can be accomplished alone or in a group along with other players nearby. After completing the mission, players will have to liberate the base of operations in Manhattan and the Rewards Claim Vendor can be found near the stairs inside the base.

Those who pre-ordered the game can get a handful of exclusive gear for their agents like the Policeman Gear Set. Those who have a Ubisoft Club account and used it to purchase items can get them from the Rewards Claim Vendor as well. Additionally, there are also some free items like Dark Zone keys and crafting items at the store so players need to check out the Uplay page quickly.

Getting points to spend on Ubisoft Club is easy. If players have been going through Ubisoft?s games like Assassin?s Creed, Far Cry and other Tom Clancy titles, they?re most likely to have gathered up a large number of points. By playing the game normally and completing objectives; players will be rewarded with points.

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