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The Division Gameplay Features You Didn’t Know: Different Colors For Damage, Deconstruct Items Faster, And More

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Tom Clancy?s The Division is a massive game filled with tons of things to do and features to try out. With the tons of features the game has, there may be a couple of things the players may not know. The game does provide players with a tutorial phase that shows off the game’s basics. Below are some of the other features players may not know about.

Damage Indicators

Players will instantly see the numbers that appear on top of the enemy if a hit is successful. Everyone knows that these numbers indicate the amount of damage dealt. However, what they don’t know is that the numbers are colored differently for a reason, and they could help out in determining the weak spots of an enemy.

There are four different colors for damage indicators: white, orange, blue and red. White numbers represent the standard damage dealt. Orange means that the hit is critical, and it is more powerful than the white numbers. Blue digits mean that an armor is preventing maximum damage, so if players see blue digits, they should target a different part of the enemy. Last and most important are red digits. These red digits mean that the hit was a headshot and maximum damage is dealt.

Other Quick Actions

When the action gets a little too intense, some players resort to sprinting to get out of trouble quicker. What most players may not know is that there are other actions in The Division that players could do faster with the sprint button. If in a hurry, players could press the sprint button while going down the ladder so that they’d slide down instead of slowly climb down. Although this tip is simple, it’s pretty helpful especially in tight situations.

Deconstruct Faster

Deconstructing spare equipment is an integral part in The Division. Some players deconstruct by scrapping equipment one by one. This method could take a lot longer as compared with a quicker method. By marking spare equipment as junk using the menu, players can deconstruct a ton of equipment at the same time instead of one by one.

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