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The Division: Five Essential Tips You Should Keep in Mind

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Now that most of you have probably experienced Tom Clancy?s The Division, you might realize by now that the game does not spoon feed. Instead, you found out it is actually survival of the fittest, and you are left all by yourself figuring things out after its basic tutorial.

What Culture reports that there are a lot of surprising things that are actually going on under the game?s surface. Thus, it is very crucial to carefully calculate your risks and analyze your tactics. So here are some essential tips and tricks that might actually help your The Division experience go way smoother.

  1. ??????Consume the Consumables. While playing, you?ll come across basic necessities that are essential for survival, such as soda, water, energy bars and canned goods. There are also times you are lucky to find or pick a special ammo, including explosive bullets and incendiary bullets.

Well, some of these items actually have its own time span, so make sure you don?t waste them, and always use what is most suitable. For instance, What Culture reports that soda lowers skills? cooldown, water adds to the damage you cause to the elites, and canned goods aids in healing.

  1. ??????Define Roles when Teaming Up. While having a group of friends to lend you support can be good, it can eventually turn into trouble without clearly defining each other?s jobs. So when joining a team, make sure your character?s ability suits a specific role in a group, according to Game Spot.
  2. ??????Never Miss to Check the Situation Board on a Safehouse. As much as possible, don?t miss checking out situation board in safehouses as these will unlock more side quests and some map locations, according to Kotaku. And if you are determined to level up quickly, do story missions and side missions as much as you can.
  3. ??????Know What Needs Improvements in Your Base. While some refuse to upgrade their base and want to keep it simple, What Culture advises the importance of ensuring that bases should be improved as early as possible so you could enjoy the perks, which can be very helpful eventually.

Establishing the security wing should be your top priority as it could unlock the ?Experienced Agent? perk, which can give you a bonus 10% to all the XP you earned. Aside from that, it will help you jump to levels easily. Also, don?t forget to unlock the ?Medical Wing? counseling upgrade too, as this can unlock your credits thereby allowing you to enjoy a 10% on all credits earned.

  1. ??????Don?t be in a Hurry to go into the Dark Zone. While many are possibly rushing to get their first-hand experience in the Dark Zone, you might want to consider the fact that the level system of DZ is exclusive to it. This means, you are only levelling up your DZ rank and not your actual game level. So while spending longer time inside the DZ, you might be affecting the strength of other gears you can potentially purchase.

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