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The Division: Where To Find Special Gear Vendor To Get High-End Blueprints

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As with most games, getting the best gear and equipment in Tom Clancy’s The Division isn’t as easy as opening a chest or buying one from the first shop you see. To get the best gear, players will need to access special vendors that require a bit of effort to unlock. Here?s how to unlock the special gear vendors in The Division.

Getting the first special gear vendor in The Division will require players to hit the level 30 mark, Twinfinite reports. Although fairly easy, reaching level 30 takes a bit of time and patience, so it’s best to figure out easy ways to level up fast first. Once you?ve reached level 30, a special gear vendor will be unlocked at the Tech Wing of the base of operations. It’s worth noting that this vendor only accepts Phoenix Credits, which, as we all know, isn’t easy to find.

Like the first special gear vendor, the second one will require players to reach level 30 first. However, they need to be at level 50 Dark Zone Rank as well. Once all the prerequisites are done, players should head on to Dark Zone 06. A Safe Zone in a church at the northern part of the area will have the special gear vendor who also accepts Phoenix Credits as currency.

According to Redditor Lymark, the blue prints sold by the special gear vendor at the base of operations is better than those sold by the vendor at the Dark Zone. However, this is yet to be confirmed, so it’s better to just check up on what both vendors have to offer from time to time. One of the recommended weapons to get first in The Division is the Vector 45 ACP, which can be bought for 200 Phoenix Credits from the special gear vendor in the Dark Zone.

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