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The Division Faces Server Issues Following Game Release

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The Division Faces Server Issues Following Game Release

Was the wait really worth it? Just past an hour after Tom Clancy?s The Division was officially released, things got worse than expected as Ubisoft?s server has been affected by the high surge of demand for the game. It is pretty expected for players to crowd the server and get their hands first in the shooter RPG.

Nevertheless, server issues were relatively almost the same the entire day while players from different countries were trying to engage in early access. Initially, the system was running smoothly until The Division was launched in the United States and online population began to increase, according to Game Rant. At around 10:00 PST on Monday, both Ubisoft and UPlay users were complaining of server errors in every move. Several players quickly spread the server issues report around game forums, social media and Twitch.

Many players, especially those who have long waited for the game, left frustrated. Expectations appeared to have been set higher given the fact that Beta weekends has already reported an increased demand for the game, plus the delayed release mostly hinted developers are preparing The Division to be in shape upon launching.

But it seems like The Division has made the same mistakes just like other game releases — unable to suffice or meet customers? demands. Games such as Diablo 3 and Destiny have already exemplified before what happens when a game goes offline, but still, game makers continue to make the same mistakes, the Game Revolution reports.

The report further claimed that one issue it faces was that game reviewers were not granted game access until the launching date. For developers that opt for server reliability reviews, The Division may not receive the most positive comments of all.

Meanwhile, Ubisoft has responded to the issue via The Division?s official Twitter account on March 8.

?2 hours ago, there was a Ubisoft service outage. This issue has now been resolved and players should be able to resume playing the game.? ? The Division (@The Division Game)

The Division is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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