The Division Exploit: Use Primary Weapons While Using Ballistic Shield

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The Division Exploit

According to a thread on The Division Reddit, players recently found an exploit in The Division that allows them to use their primary weapons while using the Ballistic Shield. It could be harmless and helpful in solo mission runs, but it could potentially break the PvP meta. Here?s a video posted on the thread which shows how players can perform The Division exploit.

The glitch effectively breaches and disregards the setback in using the Ballistic Shield. Ballistic Shields were intended to bind the user to their sidearm to prevent an advantage of a mobile cover paired with decent damage. It would make more tanks more aggressive due to the Seeker Mine-Ballistic Shield skill loadout. It also provides a possible rise in Firearms-Electronics builds which would result in shield durability and painful gun damage.

It?s manageable if the best damage output from shielding players are from the .44 Magnum or Sawed-Off Shotgun sidearm, but it becomes drastically difficult for players when others use Assault Rifles or submachine guns.

Apparently, The Division exploit offers more than offensive advantage. User SwiftyLovesYou performed the same glitch using a Healing Station instead of a Seeker Mine.

The thread about the glitch has since been allowed to exist so Ubisoft can notice it sooner and come up with a fix for it soon. Aside from the Ballistic Shield exploit, other bugs and general problems in the current game systems have been posted on the thread. Buggy ammunition perk activations, the inability to call Dark Zone extractions when wearing the Ballistic Shield, and the Security Wing bonuses being useless are some of the few issues that the players cited in the thread.

As for The Division exploit, it might be best to not perform it while it?s not patched. Ubisoft might decide to do a banning crackdown on the people who abuse the exploit in the Dark Zone. For account safety and avoiding progress reset issues, players are advised to not overuse the glitch while they still have access to it.

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