The Division Exploit: Get Infinite Crafting Materials

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The Division launched recently and players are already witnessing the differences between the full game and the past betas. Although there are a lot of significant changes from the full game, there are still some things that should?ve been kept in the betas. One recently discovered glitch in the game seems to have been overlooked by Ubisoft, and The Division exploit is now being used by players worldwide.

Gamers who got their hands on Fallout 4 should remember that the game had an infinite bottle cap glitch during the early phases of its launch. It was removed when an update was released a month later. Now players in The Division have recently discovered a glitch that can give them infinite Crafting Materials, which does wonders especially for those who prefer crafting equipment over buying and enemy loot drops.

Using the exploit requires some time. To start, players will need a high-level character to run through the Dark Zone to get very powerful weapons. Once they have collected a lot of high-grade weapons, they should then proceed to create a new character. Since the storage is shared across all characters in the account, the new character will have access to the weapons. They should then proceed to place it in the weaker character?s inventory.

The low level character should then be used to sell the high-level weapons for a lot of cash. Once the inventory is clean, the player should buy a ton of weak weapons at the shop using the money acquired from selling. These low-level weapons should then be placed on the storage, and the player will need to switch to their main and more powerful character again.

From here on, they?ll need to take all the low-level weapons in the inventory and deconstruct it all, and The Division exploit will wield a lot of Crafting Materials ready for use.

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