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The Division: How To Equip Repurposed Mods

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There are a ton of things to consider in making your agent in The Division one of the best there is. Protecting its citizens and restoring peace and order in Manhattan is no easy task, so only the best gear should be equipped. Having high stats for a gear isn?t enough, as mods are what really make a gear special among others.

Players will surely have come across modded equipment early on in The Division. The mods are valuable as they provide awesome bonuses to the player. Now, a few players may have also stumbled upon repurposed mods. For starters, repurposed mods are specifically for gear only, and they can?t be placed in any slotted weapon.

Finding repurposed mods isn?t an easy task as it drops pretty rarely. Gears with mod slots are also pretty hard to come by. They could be bought from vendors, but expect to dish out a ton of Credits. If you do find one of each requirement, you can then equip and make use of the repurpose mod like any other piece of gear. Another thing to consider is that some mods are only compatible with a specific gear. For example, a repurposed mod can only be used for holsters.

Mods are really an integral part in The Division. Stat boosts on equipment are not enough as there are some really awesome mods out there. When it comes to choosing gear, it?s recommended to consider if it has mods or not.

Having a handful of repurposed mods on the inventory is even more useful as players will have a wider room for customization. Always be on the lookout for drops in The Division as they could be valuable mods or slotted gear. Always remember as well that slotted gear are really expensive from vendors.

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