The Division Endgame: What To Do At Level 30

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Tom Clancy?s The Division has a level 30 cap on launch date. The low level cap assured that players will be able to reach the end-game in a matter of hours. However, there is a lot more content that The Division endgame has to offer the players. So what can the players do once their agents reach the highest level possible?

The Dreaded Dark Zone

There are a lot of things to do in the Dark Zone. Aside from getting the best weapons in the game, players can also increase another form of level exclusive to the premium area: the Dark Zone rank. The Dark Zone Rank?s cap is 99 and is by far the hardest feat to reach in the game as it requires more hours of grinding than the base level. So if you reach level 30, you?ll still have a lot more in store for you in the Dark Zone.

More Challenging Missions

Once players reach The Division endgame, they will have access to the Challenging Difficulty on the game?s main missions. By the name itself, it?s obvious that these missions aren?t the run-of-the mill missions from the game?s campaign. Expect a huge difficulty spike, and bringing a few pals is surely recommended.

Collect All Intel

This one?s for the trophy/achievement hunters. There are a lot of collectibles throughout Manhattan including ECHOs, downed drones and incident reports. Collecting all these intel will reward players with more details about the game?s story as well as trophies and achievements. It?s worth noting that none of these intel is missable, so it?s okay to collect them in the end.

Wait for the DLC

Before even launching The Division, ?Ubisoft already detailed the Season Pass contents of the game. Their release is still months away, but the upcoming selection of future add-on content for the game looks promising, so if you?ve reached The Division endgame, the DLC is something to look forward to.

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