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The Division End Game Gear And Missions Similar To Destiny

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The Division Reviews

The Division is officially here and the most anticipated title is finally within the reach of its patient fans. After successful beta periods, players already know that Tom Clancy?s The Division is indeed a very promising title. However, what players don?t know is how well the game would fare hours deep into gameplay and its end-game content.

Recently, some excited fans decided to data mine the PC version of The Division in hopes of finding out more about the game. Redditor ChristianRiensen managed to acquire details on some aspects of the game and it seems players will have a very lengthy game time on The Division as they have a lot of things to do and collect. Destiny players may notice that some aspects of The Division?s end game content is close to Bungie?s shooter.

Gear Sets

Gear sets can by doing the hardest activities in Manhattan. These sets will provide players with good bonuses such as stat upgrades and talents. Among the bonuses of gear sets include perks such as Tactician?s authority which enhances electronic and support capabilities and Sentry?s Call that provides enhancements to marksman capabilities

Item trading

According to the results of the data mine, items dropped by enemies can be shared to others. To do this, the player can drop an item to be picked up by others; this is the game?s form of trading. It?s worth noting that trading can be done with players in a group.

Supply Drop

Every once in a while, Supply Drops will occur within the Dark Zone. It?s a global event so players should act very quickly to get to it.

Gear Score

Gear Score is one of the basis in finding out which items in the game are the most powerful items in the game. The higher the score, the better the equipment. To access the gear score, players can look for it in the main menu next to the player?s level.

Challenge Mode

Challenge Mode are difficult versions of main missions. Enemies will be a lot stronger but rewards will be better as well. The mode is available in in Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint, Lexington Event Center, WarrenGate Power Plant and Russian Consulate. In order to play challenge mode, players must have finished the mission in these areas, and they should be level 30 as well.

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