The Division Easter Eggs: Top 3 Secrets That Show Pandemic-Stricken Manhattan Still Has Its Quirks

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Despite the crisis-stricken setting of The Division, there is still room for some referential humor and inside jokes in the game. Here are some notable easter eggs found in Ubisoft?s The Division.

Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy Reference

In one of the ECHOs found in the The Division, one recording shows a man trying to look cool to his companion but fails to scale over a fence. Instead of making a smooth transition, the fence breaks and hilarity ensues. This The Division easter egg was found as early as the game?s Open Beta and was brought up by Reddit User SnakeByte1402. SnakeByte1402 also supplied the reference video for those who thought that particular ECHO didn?t make sense with the other ECHOs that establish the backstory for the player.

Breaking Bad Easter Egg

A thread by Mechanical_Gman also found an ECHO that featured civilians who had almost similar names to to the protagonists of the TV show Breaking Bad. In that particular ECHO, a certain Jonathan Pinkman and William White was found among the civilians in the scene. Similar to their show counterparts, Jonathan Pinkman has a criminal record and William White was a Chemistry teacher. This coincides with Jesse Pinkman and Walter White from the TV show.

Rick and Morty Easter Egg

As pointed out in The Division Reddit thread, one of the missing person posters had Rick?s catchphrase from Rick and Morty. In the show, Rick?s catchphrase ?Wubba Lubba Dub Dub? means ?I am in great pain, Please help me,? according to Birdperson. When translated in The Division?s situation, it might be the nerdiest way to call out for help in a crisis. Despite its humorous context, it does apply to almost every regular civilian?s situation in The Division and has quite a touch of dark humor considering the game?s setting.

Have you spotted other The Division easter eggs? Let us know in the comments below.

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