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The Division DPS Calculator To Gauge Maximum Damage Output Now Available

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The Division

There are tons of things to consider when it comes to Tom Clancy?s The Division. Aside from rescuing citizens and keeping order in mid-crisis Manhattan, players are tasked to face-off against several groups including the Rikers, the Cleaners and the Rioters. Having a good tactic is good and all but learning how to hit hard could be the a matter of life and death.

Redditor Skill-Up posted what he believes to be is the DPS or Damage Per Second formula in The Division. To those unfamiliar with the stat, DPS is the amount of damage a player deals with each successful hit. According to Skill-Up, the formula is ((per bullet damage + critical damage = headshot damage + critical damage) * magazine size)/ cycle time.

It?s very complicated formula and there are two ideas that could prove to be a bit questionable. The first is that the game will use accuracy as a basis on how often you?ll get a headshot. Basically, a weapon with higher accuracy will have a higher DPS as the game will think that headshots will come more often. The second idea is that the formula also includes the weapon?s reload speed in its calculation. This makes the game calculate for the weapon?s sustained DPS over burst DPS.

To help players determine their DPS for efficiency, Skill-Up created a DPS calculator with the help of a web developer. To use the calculator, players need only to input the needed values and the results of the total DPS value will be shown below.

The calculator will provide three values; in-game DPS, actual headshot DPS and Burst DPS. In-game DPS is the value that players can see on their character sheet in-game. Actual headshot DPS will calculate the accuracy of headshots. Burst DPS, is the value in which the effect of reloading is removed.

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