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The Division DLC US Release Date: Australian & UK Players Get Head Start In Dark Zone

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The Division Preloading

The Division gamers in Australia and the UK will have a few hours of headstart from US players as Ubisoft announced the servers will go live starting on March 8 at midnight Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT) or March 7 at 1 PM in the UK (GMT). Meantime, The Division will only go live in the US on March 8 at midnight Eastern Time. That means the US release is sixteen hours delayed from the Australian and UK dates. Had the US release date been held simultaneously, Americans should be playing The Division on March 7 at 8 AM EST. That?s not happening.

Because of the time difference, players in Australia and the UK are expected to have already geared up for higher PvP levels in the Dark Zone, while US players are still groping their way in the dark. So, if you?re in the US and you head straight to the Dark Zone, expect a lot of Aussie and Brit players already in high gear. The best action for US players upon the release date is to prepare in PvE fighting the AI and acquire decent gear before suiting up for PvP, according to the VG 24/7 site. ?

Dark Zone lumps together players of the same levels (4-7 levels can play together) with the cap set at level 8. Playing at the maximum level means there will be a wider skills gap; you can be running against the toughest opponents around.

To keep the excitement around The Division, Ubisoft has also announced it is streaming more end-game content in the weeks following the release dates. Likewise, a three-pack season pass and free new modes are expected to be offered by Ubisoft as game updates.

You should have pre-loaded the digital version of The Division by now to be ready once the servers go live. XboX One preloading started last March 2, while Steam and Uplay preloading began last March 3. Meanwhile, Playstation 4 preloading is now live, March 6, just in time for tomorrow?s release (Australia and UK only).

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