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The Division DLC: Underground and Survival Expansion Detailed At E3 2016

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As expected, Ubisoft put the spotlight on Tom Clancy?s The Division at E3 2016. The upcoming DLC, Underground was detailed at Ubisoft?s presentation and we got a closer look at the second paid The Division DLC. Ubisoft is far from done with The Division as there is a lot more coming to the game these next few months. Here?s the rundown of the two expansions showcased at Ubisoft?s E3 2016 Conference.

Underground DLC Features

Underground will pit players against a hidden threat under New York. The challenges will change with each playthrough so players will have to employ a different tactic with each run at Underground. As expected, players will be rewarded better the deeper they go into the DLC mission. Recent leaks of the release date for the Underground DLC proved to be correct as the first paid DLC will launch at June 28 for the Xbox One and Aug. 2 for the PS4 and PC.

Survivor DLC

The Underground DLC hasn?t launched yet, but Ubisoft has already unveiled the chilling next adventure with the Survivor DLC. As the titles suggests, Division agents will be placed in very harsh conditions including the tough winter weather. Not much is said about the second paid The Division DLC, but it may be the toughest one yet. Our guess is that the player?s vision will be greatly reduced thanks to the weather conditions, and players may need to keep track of more than just their health in the Survivor DLC.

Aside from the new details on the upcoming The Division DLCs, Ubisoft also announced that players will be getting 3 outfits for free. The outfits are based off Ubisoft?s other titles including Ghost Recon Wildlands and Rainbow Six Siege. Players simply need to check their Ubisoft Club account to get the three outfits.

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