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The Division DLC Release Date And Predictions

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Even before The Division launched, Ubisoft already detailed a set of DLCs that will launch within the year. The DLCs aren?t fully detailed yet, and their release frames are still vague, but they look to be promising additions based on Ubisoft?s summary. Here?s our predictions on what The Division DLCs could bring.

Expansion I: Underground (June 2016)

According to Ubisoft, the first expansion will bring players to the underground world of Manhattan with up to three players. It will put them in big mazes of tunnels and subways while pursuing formidable enemies. Based on the description, the Underground DLC may introduce randomly generated tunnels that can be good sources of exp, loot and gear the longer the player explores them. Ubisoft could introduce a concept similar to Bloodborne?s Chalice Dungeons in which players roam around a maze-like area filled with strong enemies, bosses and good drops.

Expansion II: Survival (Summer 2016)

The name of The Division DLC itself should already connote that Ubisoft might introduce a Survival mode-like content to the game this summer. It could pit players against waves upon waves of the Rioters, Rikers, Cleaners and the LMB to see how long they can hold out. Of course, the longer the players survive, the better rewards they get.

Expansion III: Last Stand (Winter 2016)

The last and probably most promising DLC is the Last Stand. According to the game?s description, ?players and their squad must prepare to defend against a relentless foe.? The DLC title and the ?relentless foe? bit are enough signs that we could see Zombies in The Division soon. The game?s setting already makes up for a zombie apocalypse story. Another prediction is that The Division DLC may finally bring players to the Statue of Liberty as its cover art features the iconic structure in New York.

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