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The Division DLC Prediction–Will Ubisoft Release A Surprise Update This Week?

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A surprise update on The Division DLC this week was reported by a site called BidnessEtc.com, apparently blindsiding us of this important news. We?ve been covering The Division latest updates with the nearest rollout said to be a free The Division DLC called ?Incursions,? which will be released in April. Ubisoft referred to it as “new challenging end-game activity developed specifically for squad play.” Come May, another DLC update, ?Conflict,? will be launched to add new Dark Zone features, plus more incursions in Manhattan?s Columbus Circle. But next week?

The BidnessEtc.com post claims to have sourced the news from ?The State of the Game,? an official community news site for The Division. However, even as we?re excited to hear this exciting report, we checked the community site and we couldn?t see a post about a surprise DLC update for this week. Maybe we?re in for a real surprise then?

Meanwhile the nearest paid DLC release date is reported to be in June featuring the underground of Manhattan. Further DLC releases will follow through summer and winter of this year.

Paid The Division DLC expansions

Ubisoft has announced three official paid updates beginning June and through the year?s end. In June, ?Underground? will be the first major DLC expansion that will take players through a maze of Manhattan?s subways and tunnels.

By summer, another DLC expansion called ?Survival? will challenge players to survive in a hostile environment by collecting supplies.

Before the yearend, the third expansion, ?Last Stand? will see a relentless foe that will force players to put up a solid defense. Rumors suggest that the scene will happen on Liberty Island in New York City.

The Division is currently enjoying an opening date momentum, so far with 6.4 million gamers logged in its servers. It has a record $337 million sales on its first five days, beating previous record-holder, Destiny.

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