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The Division DLC: The Last Stand Features, Release Date, Balancing Changes, New Gear Sets, And More Content In Next Expansion?

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The Division DLC

Ubisoft planned three expansions for The Division Year One. The developer failed to deliver, as the last DLC, The Last Stand, will instead launch next year. It?s not a good move as the DLC seemed to be an interesting package for players. On the other hand, Ubisoft now has more time to work on the anticipated The Division DLC and the game has been refined due to Ubisoft’s major updates. Here are some of the features that The Last Stand DLC could have.

New Area

Ubisoft is likely to kick off The Division Year Two with a bang. That?s why players should expect The Last Stand DLC to have quite a few features. One of these could be a new area to explore. The promotional image for The Last Stand is the face of the Statue of Liberty turned to a skull. While this could just be a representation of New York in general, Ubisoft could be hinting that the DLC will take place in Liberty Island instead of just Manhattan.


With the DLC description stating that The Division agents will be going up against an unrelentless force, it?s possible that agents will go up against the undead. The premise of The Division is just too perfect for a zombie story. There?s a chance that the upcoming The Division DLC will actually feature zombies.

New Weapons, Gear Sets And More

New The Division weapons are always welcome. If players are going to go toe-to-toe against zombies, then Ubisoft should provide us with a new arsenal of weapons and Gear Sets to battle them. This would also give players more reason to once again grind in the game daily.

Balancing Changes

If the new DLC is going to have a ton of content, then Ubisoft might once again make balancing changes to the game. Since it?s basically an MMO, Ubisoft constantly balances the game through The Division updates. While it could be annoying to download updates from time to time, patches like The Division 1.4 started to make the game good again.

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