The Division DLC Isn’t Worth It

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When The Division was launched, many weren?t too surprised when they found out that the multiplayer shooter had day-one DLC. It?s nothing special, just a number of alternate attires that might please those who complained about the lack of options in the shooter?s character customization.

Prior to the release, Ubisoft has stated that they have a full year?s worth of The Divison DLC planned for players, including free updates and paid expansion packs. Those interested in the DLC can purchase the season pass, so they can get all of the content right away. This has become normal practice for most triple-A games, though it still continues to frustrate some gamers.

That being said, there?s no denying how disappointing The Division DLC has been, especially since the pack was released on the first day of launch. This means that the game could have easily had these cosmetic costumes in the disc, but players will have to pay US$4.99 to purchase them, according to GamesRadar.

It?s not like they change gameplay in any meaningful way. This is a multiplayer shooter, so having costumes that helps the player standout from the crowd is something most gamers want. The already limited costumes, plus this cosmetics pack doesn?t do that at all.

DLC for video games has always been pretty controversial, especially if the changes are purely cosmetic. Fans threw a huge fit when Fallout 4 and Star Wars: Battlefront announced season passes that are worth US$49.99, which is almost the same price as a new game.

Until the new expansion packs come, it doesn?t seem like any of currently available The Division DLC is worth purchasing as they?re for cosmetic purposes only. The Division is currently available on the PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

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