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The Division DLC Glitch and How You Can Fix It

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If there?s one thing you can commend of the ?The Division? game, it?s their weekly maintenance of the platform in order to smoothly integrate the game?s latest DLC. But it?s another thing when you can?t seem to find the DLC you just bought and unable to use it in the scrimmage. After The Division DLC ?Underground? was launched recently, a flurry of comments skyrocketed when some gamers weren?t able to use the DLC. Worst, they can?t seem to find the file in any part of the game right after they purchase it.

The Division DLC glitch has apparently been acknowledged by Ubisoft and has readily made the necessary action to address the problem. According to IGN, ?The Division? twitter account released a post instructing players what they need to do in order to launch the DLC. It stated ?[PC] The issue where Underground would not be shown as Owned when owning the Season Pass should now be fixed. Make sure to restart the game.?

Although the twitter post is deemed to be able to fix the problem, other measures were also given for different platforms in case the instruction doesn?t work. For example, Xbox One users can try unlocking the DLC in the in-game store (this is for Season Pass holders only). In order to do this, gamers using the Xbox platform can click on ?Purchase? where the system will automatically acknowledge a Season Pass holder.

PC users, like what Ubisoft has said in their twitter post, need to only re-start the Uplay client and the DLC purchase should be good to go. IGN reveals that all other platforms having problems finding the ?Underground? DLC must complete the Secure Quarantine Center mission in order to launch ?The Division Underground? DLC.

So there you have it, your ?Underground? DLC purchase didn?t actually go to waste, but this major glitch from Ubisoft sure had some players worried as they have been patiently waiting for the DLC to arrive. Did you encounter the same problem after downloading ?The Division Underground? DLC? What did you do in order to retrieve the DLC? Share your comments here on and help other players fix The Division DLC glitch.

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