The Division DLC And Future Updates In Danger As Director Leaves Ubisoft?

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The Division DLC

Ryan Barnard, The Division?s game director, has left Ubisoft Massive last February and joined Square Enix?s subsidiary, Io-Interactive. How will this affect the The Division DLC and any other future updates?

According to GameSpot, Barnard?s departure from Ubisoft was stated in his LinkedIn account. According to his profile, he currently holds the position of gameplay director at IO Interactive, and he just started this March 2016. He?s now officially disconnected from the development process of Ubisoft?s most successful game.

As for his appearances for The Division, here?s his old Reddit AMA about the game and an interview by MarcoStyles. His departure from the company may have been the reason why he hasn?t appeared in more recent news about the game despite the attention that the series has been receiving.

It?s currently unknown if Barnard?s departure could heavily affect the game?s future content in any way. The Year One and Season Pass video for the game clearly summarizes the upcoming updates for The Division this year. More or less, development for these contents should have already been started and primed for the promised release date. Ubisoft may have already planned out the future content of the multiplayer shooting game.

The game?s Year One schedule might confirm that the game director?s departure won?t hamper any content releases, but what comes next for the game can be a cause for concern. Without a game director, we can only expect patch fixes, minor add-ons and possibly nothing big in the potential Year Two content. However, it?s possible that Ubisoft Massive is already trying to fill up the vacant position, but we?ll have to wait for an official update regarding this issue.

In other news, The Division will receive the Incursions free update this April, but Ubisoft has yet to confirm when it will exactly be released. Stay updated for more news here on TheBitBag.

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