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The Division DLC: Features Ubisoft Might Introduce In The Survival Expansion

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Ubisoft showcased a lot during its E3 2016 presentation, and from the get-go, and the conference dedicated enough of its time for The Division. The developer showcased the upcoming Underground expansion coming later this month for the Xbox One as well as the second paid DLC in Ubisoft?s Year One plan. The Division DLC titled Survival is scheduled to launch after Underground, and the trailer suggests tough challenges for all Agents. Here are a few features Ubisoft might introduce in The Division Survival.

New Meters To Be Worried About

The main theme of the upcoming DLC is of course survival. The cinematic trailer showed off an agent struggling against harsh elements including the cold winter weather. When this The Division DLC launches, Ubisoft might introduce some new meters aside from the health bar. Players might be tasked with keeping their character?s hunger and temperature up.

New Area

It?s possible that Ubisoft may further expand the game?s open-world with the Survival DLC. Since this DLC is the second of the paid expansions, Ubisoft is sure to introduce a lot of features to the game, and one of this could be the addition of new areas to explore. Ubisoft has yet to fully detail the Survival DLC, but if it is going to expand the open-world, it?s likely to have a short campaign as well.

A New Threat

At the end of the trailer, we see a Division Agent running away only to be gunned down by an armored unit a few seconds later. We?re not entirely sure as to what faction the killer belongs to, but he could be from the LMB or Rikers based on his armor. It?s also possible that he?s from a new faction. What makes the character particularly interesting is that he is carrying a lot of The Division agents? watches, meaning he has taken down a lot of agents before. He may be the toughest boss in The Division yet.


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