The Division DLC: Central Park Dark Zone Hinted By Ubisoft

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Recently, a Reddit thread by igkillerhamster found a large map in the current build of The Division that teases what could be future content of the game. This is the second evidence found that indicates that Central Park could potentially be a playable area in the upcoming The Division DLC.

According to igkillerhamster, the large map is found at an assembly room in the Consulate building. It marks a certain ?Dark Zone 22? in a layout of military set-ups near the area. ?Dark Zone 22? may just be a part of Central Park due to its immense size. A larger Central Park incarnation in The Division would be great for exploring, and larger Dark Zone areas may mean more loot chests or elite group spawn camps inside.

Based on the lore of The Division, the military area may either be already deserted due to the swift outbreak of the disease or still operational but not at optimal levels. It?s unlikely that this base would still be up because of its proximity to the Dark Zone.

As of now, Ubisoft hasn?t confirmed the true layout of Central Park and has not even mentioned it in major announcements so far. However, some players have reported that they could glitch a certain part of The Division?s current map and explore the inaccessible and unfinished areas of the game. Going off the grid in The Division won?t instantly kick the players off the server, so they?re free to explore and find the possible areas in the coming updates.

As of now, we?ll have to wait for Ubisoft to confirm the Central Park Dark Zone in The Division DLC update. April?s free update will implement the Incursion system that will reward effective teamwork and teamplay tactics. Due to Ubisoft?s vague announcement on their Year One and Season Pass video, the Central Park may be unlikely as it was not mentioned with the upcoming update.

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