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The Division Day One Patch Brings Gameplay Changes, Improved Graphics, And More

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Tom Clancy’s The Division

Today’s games are often subjected to the much appreciated Day One Patch by the developer during the initial launch of the title. The upcoming Tom Clancy’s The Division will also have a Day One patch according to Ubisoft. The initial update will fix a couple of issues probably seen during the beta tests so fans could expect a smoother time in The Division on March 8.

Menus And Other Visual Adjustments

First off, Ubisoft is looking to make the menu easier to navigate. It will also add new features like an Outfit Set option and an Inspect feature. As for the visuals, there will be a ton of improvements that is sure to make The Division a better visual experience. Basically, Ubisoft added new details like better lighting and more definitive car reflections.

Map And Open-World Tweaks

Since The Division is an open-world game, the environment and the map is part of the core experiences of the game. As such, Ubisoft has made a lot of improvements including a Mission Overview tab for the map, subtitles to all field data with audio and more. Additionally, Ubisoft also allowed the players to acquire more crafting items in loot boxes.

Gameplay Changes

As for gameplay tweaks, Ubisoft will be adding several features that further balances the game. For newcomers, Ubisoft has provided tutorials for some of the game’s features. Those already familiar with the game can turn off these features as well. Most of the new added features will help players along the way. Some skills will also tweaked like the deployable turret. With the update, the turret will now no longer attack non-hostile units.

Issue Fixes

The recent beta allowed Ubisoft to pinpoint several problems with the game. The Day One patch will address these discovered issues and will further polish the game. In short, the full game will be a whole lot better than the beta.

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