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The Division Final Curtain Achievement: How to Uncover the Fates of Gordon Amherst and Aaron Keener

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Like most of today?s titles, Tom Clancy?s The Division has a special treat for trophy and achievement hunters alike by providing a list of feats to achieve. For the base game, Ubisoft and Massive has prepared a big list of trophies and achievements to do, and of course, there?s one that?s the toughest of them all. This The Division guide can help you learn how to achieve it

One of the easily missable achievements in The Division is the Shadows of the Past Trophy/Achievement, which is also required for The Final Curtain trophy/achievement as it requires players to acquire all ECHOs. The Curtain Call achievement requires players to discover the fate of two individuals — Gordon Amherst and Aaron Keener — by locating their ECHOs. The fact that this ECHO is located in the introductory parts of the game makes it easily overlooked by players early on in Manhattan. However, don?t fret; it can still be accessible later on.

For starters, players will need to complete all story missions to unlock a side quest called ?Unknown Signal.? Those who missed it will have to wait a while to get a chance at it again. Accepting the Unknown Signal will allow players to have access to the area near Camp Hudson where the ECHO can be located and activated. The ECHO is located inside a building which is located between 10th Avenue and W 23d St.

It?s a pretty straightforward quest that only tasks the players with investigating a mysterious signal, so not much preparation is needed for it. The only hard part is being required to finish the game?s main campaign, but, after a few hours of grinding, it isn?t that hard to do.

If the player accomplishes the quest and has located all other ECHOs, The Final Curtain and Shadow of the Past trophy/achievement will be unlocked. The Final Curtain trophy/achievement will be unlocked after locating all 63 ECHOs, so it?s a pretty tedious task as well. For a more visual look at how to get the hidden ECHO, watch this The Division guide by PowerPryx below.

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