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The Division Crafting Guide: Basics And Everything You Need To Know

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Aside from levels and skills, another core feature of The Division that makes it similar to RPGs is its crafting system, which allows the players to create a selection of items. Just like the crafting mechanics in other titles, there are several components that make up The Division’s crafting system.

First off, according to one Redditor, the easiest way to get crafting materials is from scrapping weak and equipment that are no longer necessary. In the early stages of the game, some players may opt to sell their old equipment in exchange for money. This is not advised as the selling value of equipment are significantly low; hence, it’s more economical to scrap equipment for crafting materials instead. In fact, even at the latter parts of the game, it’s more advisable to scrap rather than sell as money is pretty easy to earn in The Division. It can be acquired from activities and quests, while materials are just drops.

Another Redditor also detailed some of the basics of The Division’s crafting system. At the bottom part of the crafting section, players can access Material Exchange. As its name suggests, it allows the player to trade green level materials for blue levels and blue levels for gold.

As for Crafting Cost, the value will be affected by the quality of the material. The better the good, the higher the cost. There are three levels of gear: green, blue and yellow, with yellow being the highest. It’s also best to not craft early on in the game as some crafted low-level weapons may be weaker compared with level 30 weapons. As such, it’s best to save the materials till later on in the game.

Lastly, The Division crafting system requires players to have blue prints to actually start crafting. To get blueprints, players need only to do side quests. However, better and rarer gold prints can be bought from Dark Zone vendors via Dark Zone or Phoenix Currency.

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