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The Division Combat Tips And Tricks: Gain The Advantage Over Your Foes

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Aside from rebuilding and restoring order in mid-crisis Manhattan, The Division agents are also tasked to neutralize the long list of baddies including the Rykers, Rioters and Cleaners. These bad guys are easy to fight individually, but in a group, they’re quite a handful. Taking them head on with guns blazing is not a good idea, but with a good strategy, things could be a breeze. Below are some combat tips for The Division.

Initiate With a Bang

Most of the time, agents can see groups of enemies that are not aware of the player’s presence just yet. This presents players with a ton of opportunities to initiate the gunfight. The usual thing to do is pick a target and take him out so there’s one less enemy to deal with. However, it’s also recommended to initiate the battle with a bang. Players could wait until all enemies are close together. When the opportunity presents itself, a grenade or any form of explosive would be pretty handy to dish out massive damage to several enemies at once. For snipers, it’s recommended to make the first shot count by making sure it’s a headshot.

Look for Elevated Areas

In The Division, when the combat is already on roll, look for the high ground immediately. These could be on the top of trucks or on rooftops. Any highly elevated platform with cover is a good place to stay in. It’ll give players a good view of the area, and with cover, they’ll be harder to hit as well.

Take Out the Grenades

There are several types of enemies in The Division; there are those that specialize in melee attacks and there are those that throw grenades. Taking out the latter first will do wonders throughout the battle. These guys can throw grenades, which, if not avoided, will disorient or heavily damage the player. If you choose to avoid it by switching covers, you?ll be exposed to gunfire. As such, killing the grenade thrower first will lessen your need of moving from cover to cover. To see which enemy has a grenade, just look for an icon in its name to tell which is which.


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