The Division Cheats Gives Unlimited Ammo, Teleportation, And More

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A Reddit thread recently discussed a new hack found on The Division that allowed players to have unlimited ammo and teleportation. The Division cheat could be used in the PvP Dark Zone maps which could potentially ruin the whole experience for the regular players if Ubisoft does not fix it soon. Here?s the clip of the possible hack posted on the said thread.

Currently, the thread has deleted posts because they mentioned names of suspected hackers. The posts that specified the hackers might have been removed because they violated general Reddit rules. Even without the specifics, it?s still handy to know that there?s a system exploit in The Division that Ubisoft needs to fix for the general growth of the game.

The video shows keyboard hotkeys, so it?s the PC version that has been compromised with The Division cheat. In the video, the character?s gun didn?t reload even after a full-automatic rapid fire. The cheater was also sprinting faster than any normal could as he climbed invisible obstacles that others could never outrun. It might be best for PC players to be careful or avoid the Dark Zone completely until Ubisoft has confirmed a fix to counter this hack.

On the other hand, some players consider that it might be a lag effect. It?s possible that the ammo reserves loop back because it?s in a limbo of error due to disconnection from the servers. However, this might be unlikely due to the unnaturally accurate hip fire at far ranges, so it might be an aimbot hack, at the least.

In The Division Open Beta announcement post on Ubiblog, Ubisoft claimed to have resolved cheating exploits on the PC and said that they have fixed them at the time of the release. It?s possible that the footage is from the pre-patched testing phases. However, in the thread, some players like Reddit user HyDchen reported that a player in the Dark Zone slayed them without their own characters entering incapacitation. Stay safe out there till Ubisoft addresses these The Division cheats.

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