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The Division Character Customization Is Disappointing

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The Division is easily the biggest video game release of March. The highly anticipated multiplayer shooter from Ubisoft has received plenty of hype thanks to the strong focus on multiplayer and some interesting gameplay mechanics. However, it seems that the game still has a number of problems, one of which is the character customization system.

Back when the beta for The Division was still at large, some of the testers complained about the limited options available in the game?s character creation. Ubisoft claimed that the final product would have more options and the limited ones seen in the beta would remain there.

Unfortunately, that hasn?t proven to be the case. According to this forum in Reddit, The Division character customization continues to be limited and bare bones. This has upset a number of fans who were hoping to make their characters stand out from other players.

As of this writing, fans only have five haircuts, eight faces and a number of tattoos to choose from. This is the same for both male and female characters, though men also have the option for facial hair.

Since the main focus of The Division is multiplayer, there?s a good chance that more character customization options could be coming to the game as DLC. Whether said DLC is free or not remains to be seen, but it will hopefully please fans who are currently upset at the options they have.

Ubisoft will hopefully listen to the fans? complaints and fix them with an update or two, especially since this is set to be one of their biggest games of the year, thanks to plenty of hype and beta tests that got fans hooked.

Tom Clancy?s The Division is currently available on the PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

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