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The Division Character Builder Let?s You Plan Your Play Style

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Now that Tom Clancy?s The Division is finally in our reach, players worldwide have another game to pour in hours of gameplay into. Since the game is not the typical cover shooter, there are a lot of other things that players should consider in The Division. With RPG elements in the mix, mastery over the game?s controls and tactics is not enough to dominate the playing field as stats and character build also make up the core gameplay.

Miodec is a very nifty guide for building a character in Tom Clancy?s The Division. It?s not an official website or companion app monitored by Ubisoft, but it?s pretty helpful for players nonetheless. At its core, The Division character builder allows the user to create a build in preparation or as a guide.

The builds can?t be saved, so it?s advised that players ready a notepad to write down the data. They could also screen cap the image for future reference.

The created builds can?t be transferred to the player?s account in The Division but it?s a pretty good reference before progressing in the game. Basically, it will give players an idea of how to develop their character based on their play style.

Players can choose from 30 different skills, talents and perks, but to simulate The Division?s limitations, users of miodec will be limited to 1 skill and 4 talents. Players not yet familiar with these terms should know that skills are usable abilities, talents are passive skills that activate after a certain requirement and perks are bonuses to stats.

There are a lot of useful tips for players but being able to plan out your character early on in the game with The Division character builder will be very beneficial later on as points and all other requirements for skills, talents and perks are not ?that abundant, thus they should be allotted wisely.

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