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The Division Build Guide: Best Perks, Talents, And Skills For Snipers

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Tom Clancy?s The Division gives players access to a wide range of skills, talents, and perks that will help them build a character based on their preference. Players could create a tank that can absorb tons of damage. They could also build an assassin-type character that damages very heavily. Since the upcoming game is a shooter, players can also build their very own sniper.

Recommended Skills

First off, one of the core skills each sniper should have is Pulse. This skill allows the player to send out a signal that will then mark all nearby units. It will also mark units regardless of whether or not they?re behind cover. Having this skill gives the sniper and advantage by letting him know the areas in which enemies may pop-up.

Another recommended skill is Smart Cover. Basically, this skill reinforces the player?s current cover, making it more durable. Sniper aren?t the most durable of characters so they?re safest bet in surviving is by staying behind sturdy protection.

Recommended Talents

Now for talents, Precision is a must. Snipers take out targets from great distances so accuracy is a must. With this talent, players will be rewarded with the ability to pulse a target after a successful headshot. As a sniper, headshots are the main objective. As such, being rewarded with headshots is a key in making a formidable long-ranged assassin.

On the topic of headshots, the Stopping Power perk is a good addition to Precision. To activate this skill, players will need to first suppress an enemy. This can be done by a shot to the leg or chest. What this skill does is it powers up the already lethal headshot by a significant 25%.

Steady Hands is also recommended for snipers in The Division as multiple shots might be needed for large groups. This talent will activate whenever a player hides behind cover. Once activated, Steady Hands will reduce recoil to 25% for 10 seconds, making it easier to pull the trigger again and again.

Lastly, Shrapnel will be useful for snipers that are up against large groups of enemies. This target gives players the 30% chance of causing Bleed to all enemies within a set radius by successfully inflicting one target with Bleed. As with other games, Bleed causes all affected units to lose health over time. This is especially useful as it?s best to avoid being overrun by huge groups as a sniper.

Recommended Perks

As for perks, it?s best to put a little focus on Security perks. These perks have a ton of ballistic weapon bonuses like explosive and incendiary ammo, so each shot is more lethal.

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