The Division Build: Best Skills And Talents For Support/Medic Class

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With The Division having so many different skills, perks and talents to choose from, players have the ability to create their own character?s class based on the playstyle they prefer. Previously, we showed how to create a Tank and Sniper class character. This time, we?ll be showing you the perfect abilities required for the class that works well in a team: the Support/Medic class.


First off, being a Medic means that you?ll be tasked with keeping your team alive. For this, the First Aid skill is a must as it will provide you and your team a small area for recuperating. In the latter parts of the game, it?s recommended to switch to Support Station as it will also allow you to revive downed allies. When available, switch to Recovery Link for maximum healing capabilities.

For the second skill, Smart Cover is also a must as it will provide your allies with a safe haven to refresh skills and regroup themselves. It?s also pretty nice to use Recovery Link or any healing abilities here.


As for talents, Battle Buddy is a must in The Division as you?re likely to revive some of your allies in battle. This skill will reduce damage by 50 percent to the Medic and the downed ally.

Triage will also be useful as it will reduce the cooldown of all skills if you heal your allies. Since it?s your job to heal, this talent will be pretty helpful in keeping the team at full health at all times.

When the action becomes really heated, Tech Support will allow you to prolong the duration of all active skills. It will become activated whenever you kill a hostile. Just because you?re a support doesn?t mean that you can?t shoot a few bullets here and there.

Lastly, Combat Medic will be useful when all healing skills are on cooldown. This talent will heal all nearby allies whenever you use a medkit.

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