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The Division: Best Perks, Talents And Skills For Building A Tank

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Tom Clancy?s The Division does not have a class system per se, but players have access to skills, Perks and talents that could help them build a character of their type. Previously, we detailed how to build the perfect sniper in The Division. This time around Arrekz Gaming detailed the appropriate skills, perks and talents to build a durable tank agent. Here’s a rundown of the results.

Recommended Skills

First off, First Aid. Tanks are pretty much like paladins, they could take in a lot of damage and they could support their allies as well. Since the tank is the most durable agent in the field, having healing skills will be very helpful for the entire team.

Another worthy skill for tanks is the Ballistic Shield. This provides the agent with a very sturdy cover which is best used in closing in distances. Teammates could also take cover behind the shield so that they could be out of harm?s way while taking out enemies. The shield user could also attack enemies with his sidearm.

Recommended Talents

For talents, Strike Back is really handy. This talent reduces the cooldown of skills after the agent’s health goes down a specific value. When partnered with First Aid, the tank could last longer in the field even if he goes under heavy fire.

Another talent worth getting is on the move. If the player kills an enemy while moving, there will be an added reduction bonus to the stats. Basically, it makes the tank even more durable with each kill.

Despite being a tank, there could still be moments in which the player will run low on health. ?If this does happen, the Critical Save talent will be pretty handy. This talent provides damage reduction to the player if he uses a medkit at low health.

For the fourth talent, Repo Reaper will give the player extra ammo for their primary weapon if they kill an enemy with their sidearm. Since tanks are behind Ballistic Shields most of the time, the sidearms are more useful so it?s best to get rewarded after each kill with it

Recommended Perks

As for perks,there are several good ones in the Tech tree. The longer lasting effects of some consumable items will further make the tank last longer in battle through item bonuses.

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