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The Division Australia Release Has No Special Outfits At Launch

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The Division

Ubisoft?s highly anticipated online shooter The Division finally goes live today. Unfortunately for Australian gamers, some promised content won?t be available at launch. According to reddit user u/mrwafu, the ?Agent Origins? outfits promised to Season Pass holders are not yet available as of now.

Special Division Outfits Will Be Released Later

?A lot of people assumed from a German season pass image that all season pass owners would get the police, fireman, survivor etc dlc. However I’ve just reached my rewards vendor in my PS4 Australian gold edition and they are not there. The outfit sets I have received are- hazmat (CBRN), National Guard, motorcycle police, Trooper, Sheriff, and SWAT.?

A representative from Ubisoft Massive quickly commented on the thread, assuring fans that The Division Origins outfits would be available some time down the road.

?The agent origins outfit will become available to Season Pass holders. Not immediately at launch, but at a later date.? said the spokesperson.

Other commenters on the thread pointed out that the outfits included in the season pass can vary pretty widely depending on what region you purchased the game for. Ubisoft has many promotional deals in place with various retailers so certain outfits are, for the time-being at least, exclusive to whatever retailer you purchased the game from.

Hopefully the other outfits eventually release worldwide once whatever marketing tie-up Ubisoft has expires. In any case, these are just simple cosmetic items that have little to no effect on gameplay.

It?s highly likely that players will soon loot better items and equipment once they start exploring The Division?s virus plagued New York City. Are you excited to play the game? We?ve got a lot of Division coverage for you to check out while waiting for the release, so go have a look and don?t forget to keep it right here on The BitBag.


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