The Division 2 Now Possible As Ubisoft’s Game Becomes Highest Selling Original IP

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Ubisoft was hoping that The Division ? the latest game under the Tom Clancy umbrella ? would be their next big IP, becoming one of their big franchises like Assassin?s Creed, Far Cry and Rayman. The company got their wish, as The Division has the biggest first week for a new game franchise.

IGN stated that The Division made US$330 million around the world in just five days. This is US$5 million more than Destiny from Activision, one of the biggest multiplayer shooters out right now, which means that the game is a complete success.

Now that the game has sold well, it?s only natural for the people in Ubisoft to start working on The Division 2, or whatever the company decides to call it. Ubisoft is notorious for releasing numerous sequels to their well-regarded game series, and The Division is no exception.

Assassin?s Creed has nine games under its belt, excluding the recent 2.5D spinoff titles that came out recently. While some fans have complained about the numerous sequels it?s had, most of these titles have sold well. The recent release, Assassin?s Creed Syndicate, received plenty of praise from critics and fans alike, in addition to selling well.

Fans who have played The Division know that the developers left the ending open for a possible The Division 2. The developers are lucky that people like their game, or they would have been criticized harshly for the title?s ending, like The Order 1886 was. Some consider The Order 1886 as one of the worst PS4 exclusives out right now, and the sequel-bait ending made it even worse.

The Division 2 looks more than likely now that the first game has sold well and has plenty of players invested in its multiplayer mode. Hopefully, Ubisoft is patient enough and won?t release a new game right away because The Division is focused on multiplayer, which means fans will be replaying it for quite some time.

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