The Division 2 Confirmed?

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Ubisoft has been hyping up The Division as one of the company?s biggest new IPs, hoping it will join Assassin?s Creed and Far Cry as a big name game. It seems the company is fairly confident about it as the end of the story is very open, which may lead to a possible The Division 2.

GameSpot recently finished the game and noted that the end is left very open for a sequel. Without wishing to give away any spoilers, it seems like the Dark Zone is still around after the events of the story, and it needs ?cleaning up.?

Of course, one of the biggest draws of The Division is its multiplayer content, so there?s a good chance that this will be followed up in an expansion pack. This doesn?t rule out a sequel at all though, since The Division is expected to do well in sales.

There?s also the fact that Ubisoft is notorious for giving their IPs numerous sequels. Assassin?s Creed almost became a yearly title, and there are already four games in the Far Cry series. The company is also known for Rayman and Splinter Cell, which both have a good number of sequels and spinoff titles to their name, like the Raving Rabbids games.

Admittedly, it?s a little too early to talk about a sequel to The Division, considering that a year?s worth of DLC is also coming to the game. Still, the openness of the game?s ending will likely be discussed among fans.

This isn?t the first time that the end of a game was left open for a sequel, as it has happened many times already. The Order 1866 did this to little fanfare, and the first Infamous game on the PS3 teased a follow-up as well, which ended up being a great game.

Will fans see The Divison 2 in a few years? Only time will tell, but given Ubisoft?s track record with sequels, it?s more than likely.

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