Divinity : Original Sin – Tips On Character Creation

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Divinity: Original Sin was developed by Larian Studios and was released on June 30, 2014. It is a fantasy turn-based RPG game that features single and cooperative multi-player modes.

Turn-based games can be quite tedious and overwhelming for a beginner.

Here are some tips that can help beginners on how to create their own characters.

  • Initial Characters

You start with characters, a male named Roderick and a female ? Scarlett. There are a few classes in which a player can select his/her character.

As you level up and start distributing points to your characters, player may end up with a different class than what he first started with. But one should try to stick to one?s class as much as possible.

  • Customize Your Starter Character

After the class selection, an overview will be presented. On your left, is a summary of your stats and abilities, and on your right are the options for the customization of your characters.

  • Abilities

Depending on their class, your characters can choose from several categories:

  1. Craftsmanship
  2. Defense
  3. Nasty Deeds
  4. Personality
  5. Skills
  6. Weapons
  • Talents

These are passive advantages that your characters will possess. Some of the talents may require your character to have the needed ability, or attribute in order to achieve them. There are quite a number of talents to choose from. A safe rule of thumb is to choose a talent that will be most useful to your characters based on their class.

  • Attributes

Once a character is created, five points will be given to level up its attributes. Each class will have higher points on certain native attributes depending on their class. These are the attributes:

  1. Constitution– refers to your character?s vitality
  2. Dexterity ? refers to character?s effectiveness in handling gears or weapons
  3. Intelligence ? Increases the effectiveness of elemental spells
  4. Perception ? increases the chance of inflicting a critical hit and accuracy of long-ranged attacks.
  5. Strength ? increases the amount of lift and carrying capacity of your character, essential for strength-based weapons
  • Party of Four

You will not only control one, but four characters, the first two will be your heroes and the other two are NPCs. It is essential to create a team that will reinforce each member?s capability.

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