Divinity: Original Sin Tips, Hints, and Guide For Character Creation

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Basic tips, hints and character creation guide for the newly released Divinity Original Sin

Crowd-funded through Kickstarter and developed by Larian Studios, Divinity: Original Sin is a single-player and co-op multiplayer RPG released on June 30, 2014 to Mac and Windows PC, after several delays. The game includes turn-based combat in a highly interactive fantasy world. While these tips are not supposed to spoil, there?s enough gameplay info to help beginners get along with the newly released title.

Basic Divinity: Original Sin Tips for beginners

  • If you long for an effortless combat you should find two worthy companions. Your party may be composed of up to four characters.
  • Reviving spells are expensive, so before resorting to use them try to equip yourself with potions and use them when you?re almost certain that your character is about to die.
  • It?s a prudent move to always include a healer in your group. By doing so, battles you?ll engage in will be less costly; healers are also equipped with powerful reviving spells.
  • Provided you are not caught, breaking into and stealing from houses is a good money-making technique. But if you are caught many times by an NPC (non-playing character), you will be attacked so be careful.
  • It?s not all about brawn and weapons, try to observe and analyze the battlefield too. For instance, if an enemy is standing close to a barrel of oil or poison, they can be defeated right away once that barrel bursts open. Naturally, the oil will need some help from a fire source so that?s where you should come in.
  • Fire creatures shouldn?t be attacked with a fire-based offensive; by doing so you will only heal them. This applies to all other elements. Moreover, Zombies will be healed if you attack them with poison.

Divinity: Original Sin – Guide for creating a new character

In this game, players will be in control of two characters, a reincarnated mystic heroine and a recently freed condemned warrior. Leveling up a character is crucial for success. But before thinking about that, it?s equally important to create the right character to begin with. Here are the attribute guides that can help you create a competent Divinity: Original Sin character.

  • Strength ? this attribute decides whether the character will have better success at wielding strength-based weapons; this also dictates how much items the character will be able to carry.
  • Dexterity ? boosts the hero?s accuracy and hit success using dexterity-based weapons
  • Intelligence ? increases the damage caused by elemental spells; lessens the action points used for each skill; dictates the amount of ability points gained per level
  • Constitution ? decides how much vitality your hero will have and the number of action points recovered per turn
  • Speed ? determines your character?s initiative, movement speed, and the amount of action points the character will receive at the beginning of a combat
  • Perception ? improves the ability to detect traps, boosts critical chance, and your hero?s long-range attack accuracy


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