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Divinity: Original Sin Cheats and Tricks (Part 4)

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Today, I?ll chip in a few more tips for you.


Before I started playing Divinity: Original Sin, I told myself that I wouldn?t go to Google to look for guides. I believed that I will be able to enjoy and finish the game without the help of others. Oh boy was I wrong.

I started out playing the game like what I would normally do playing other RPGs?I did not read the books that were dropped in the game. I just followed the game?s flow and tried to finish certain quests that appeared on my journal here and there. By the time I reached the end of the first act, I realized that I was missing out on a lot of quests (which were mostly optional). When I got into the second act in Silverglen, I was only level 8 and most of the enemies were two to three levels above me. I became frustrated, and guess what?I ended up consulting Google.

It was just then that I realized the importance of reading every single word written in the books. And yes, that includes books that you may think are not relevant to the game. It was my biggest mistake.

As a result, I needed to?go back?to an earlier save point, which is practically the same as restarting the entire game.

As you progress in the game, you will gradually feel the need of reading everything you see and that?s what made this game very difficult (and enjoyable). A lot of the things you read will challenge your mind and it will squeeze out every bit of juice in your brain.

So, here?s my tip for you: READ EVERYTHING!

10. Get the?Glass Cannon talent as early as possible

One of the first things I did when I started playing the game was I read all the character skills and talents. One that definitely caught my eye was the Glass Cannon talent, which doubles the character?s Action Points per turn but will reduce his/her HP from vitality by half. I told myself, ?I know I want this skill.?

I wanted to learn it as early as possible. But I knew getting the talent early on may backfire hard. I needed more items and stats on my characters before I can learn them. When I reached around level 10, I learned it on my mage and it definitely made my life a lot easier.

Glass Cannon will double your Action Points

Glass Cannon will double your Action Points

Of course, I also had trouble in some battles where my squishy mage got caught up and died like an ant. Since I already have a fairly good amount of Action Points, I knew what I had to do. I started boosting the Constitution of my characters rather than focusing on Speed, which in essence is the same thing but much more efficient.

Afterwards, I eventually learned the talent on my other characters as well. When I reached level 20, my characters had 20 Action Points each. My mage can cast 3 or 4 spells and my rogue can attack around 10 times per turn! But they weren?t lacking HP as all of them had more than 1k HP. You can just imagine how easy it was.

Here?s my advice: Don?t be scared getting it early. Learning the Glass Cannon is all about balancing your character attributes (Speed and Constitution). Just make sure you have sufficient HP/Constitution before getting it.

More tips will come for Divinity: Original Sin in the following days, so be sure to follow! If you have reactions or feedback, feel free to comment below. Happy hunting!

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