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Divinity: Original Sin Cheats and Tricks (Part 3)

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Yesterday, I posted the second part of this list. Today, we?ll continue with two more tips for Divinity: Original Sin.

7. Maxing Out Your Resistances

Perhaps one of the most underrated stats of characters in Divinity: Original Sin is elemental resistance. In the early stages of the game, you may argue that resistances are not valuable at all. Perhaps this is due to the fact that items in this point of the game offer very small increase in resistance. But as the game progresses, you?ll notice that your opponents will start throwing elemental damage at you and it will hurt. Of course, you can rely on your potions to give you resistance but you can?t do that for the rest of the game, not to mention it?s really troublesome opening your inventory to craft and find the potion frequently.

Especially in the latter portions of the game, resistance can be your best friend. What do I mean by this? Having a resistance of above 100% won?t just negate all elemental damage, but it will actually heal your character. And one of the easiest ways to achieve this is by learning the Weather the Storm talent (requires level 5 Man-at-Arms) which gives you 50% resistance to all elements. When you reach past level 20, it is worth-investing ability points in Man-at-Arms to enable the Weather the Storm, even when your character is not a melee warrior.

Maxed out resistances [Screenshot by Paolo Nancho]

Maxed out resistances [Screenshot by Paolo Nancho]

In fact, I value resistance stats more than any other in the game. Imagine your character being technically unkillable especially when you have learned the Leech talent. My characters can walk on lava and poison surfaces without worrying of dying. I even tanked some of the supposedly ?hard? bosses in the game by maxing out my resistances early on.

So here?s a general tip for you: try prioritizing equipment with more resistance stats. Once you set all your resistances above 100% (which I did), you?ll become unkillable even against the final boss.

8. Once you level up, save before talking to NPCs who sell items

This is related to one of my previous tips. This time though, instead of saving before opening chests or killing bosses, save your game before talking to NPC merchants.

How does this work? Like previously mentioned, items are randomly generated in Divinity. Each time you level up, items being sold by NPCs get replenished. I found out that the replenishment actually triggers right before you click the shop icon of the NPC. What I did was I saved my game before clicking the shop icon, and I found out that they will sell you a different set of items every time.

See where this is going? You guessed it. You can choose what items you want to see in the NPC by simply reloading your game and talking to him/her again. Just reload until you are satisfied with the items and buy it. Just make sure you have enough gold to purchase the items you want.

Hortun offers some of the best rare equipment in the game [Screenshot by Paolo Nancho]

Hortun offers some of the best rare equipment in the game [Screenshot by Paolo Nancho]

But wait, which NPCs am I referring to? Well, I found two NPCs that sell high-level equipment (I won?t include low level merchants since they are selling low level items). First is Hortun, who is the talkative skeleton you meet right before you enter Hunter?s Edge, and the NPC at the Trader?s Emporium in the End of Time. They both sell high-level equipment and offer a wide variety of legendary and rare equipment.

In my experience, I visited them every time I level up and used save/reload until I find items that I can use. This way, I got almost perfect items for all my characters, which I know is really lame.

Anyway, this is one of the time-consuming and game-ruining tips in this list. If you want your characters to be godlike, then this is the way to go. If not, then just stick with your normal game.

This sums it up for today?s tips. I?ll be adding more soon so stay tuned. Happy hunting!

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