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Divinity: Original Sin Cheats and Tricks (Part 2)

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Screenshot by Paolo Nancho

The other day, I posted the first part of the list for Divinity: Original Sin. Today, we?ll continue with more cheats and tricks that will aid you in your adventure.

4. Once you get access to tenebrium, you can break down doors

Found yourself stuck in a quest because you can?t break that door or obstacle? It happened to me a lot of times. I know that feeling of frustration when you?re trying to break the door but it just won?t get damaged. Especially in the early portions in the game, there were a lot of doors that you would just like to smash down and move forward.

Well, I got good news for you. You can actually break these 54k HP obstacles to finally continue to your quest. All you need is a tenebrium weapon which you can have access to later in the 2nd act, after finishing the Troll King quest.

But I have to warn you that handling tenebrium (weapons or ores) can be tricky. Until you have skilled tenebrium, characters who handle tenebrium items will get a disease called rot. This ailment causes that character to lose 1 hp gradually and cannot be cured by any potion or skill, which is really irritating. The only thing that can cure rot is through triggering a bloodstone which is obviously not what you want. Until then, the only safe way to transport your tenebrium items is through the bloodstone cage which stores all your tenebrium items.

Once you have access to tenebrium weapons, you can now break those pesky 54k HP doors. But of course, cheating does have a price. You will have to smash those doors for 10 minutes straight, which means you should continually click your mouse every time you hit it. And oh, don?t forget to repair your weapon as it breaks down really fast when hitting those doors.

5. Use your Teleporter Pyramid/Tactical Retreat/Cloak and Dagger/Phoenix Dive to go to those hard-to-access spots

This is probably known to most players, but for the sake of those new to the game, I still included this in the list.

The Teleporter Pyramid is actually one of the most important items and thankfully it is available to you very early in the game. With this item, you can go to hidden areas that you cannot simply access by just walking. Just throw one pyramid to that spot you wish to go and click use on the other pyramid in your inventory. And poof! You?re entire party will be teleported to where you dropped your pyramid.

But there?s another way to do this once you have learned these skills: Tactical Retreat (Ranger), Cloak and Dagger (Scoundrel), and Phoenix Dive (Man-at-Arms). It basically has the same concept as the Teleporter Pyramid. Just click on the skill and target your cursor to the area you want to go to (just make sure your character sees that spot). I find this more efficient than using the pyramid since you don?t need to open your inventory anymore and pickup the pyramid after.


Teleporting skills allows you to access other parts of the map [Screenshot by Paolo Nancho]

In my experience, I was able to discover a lot of hidden treasures and alternative paths using these techniques. I even bypassed some parts of the game, which I didn?t realize until later on. But still, it?s always useful and more fun when you start exploring those hard-to-access areas.

6. Once you get access to Hall of Secrets, visit it every time you level up

Character stats in Divinity: Original Sin are very important. Unlike most RPG games, small increments to any attribute will already have a significant boost to your character. Thus, it is just important that you carefully select what stats you choose to increase.

Remember to visit the Hall of Secrets [Screenshot by Paolo Nancho]

Remember to visit the Hall of Secrets [Screenshot by Paolo Nancho]

But there?s actually a way on how to boost your stats fairly easily. Once you have access to the Hall of Secrets?in the End of Time, the merchant will be selling you tomes that you can use to enhance your character. If I remember correctly, I was able to access this after discovering enough star stones sometime in the second act (level 14-ish). These two tomes are the Ancient Tome of Body Mastery (gives +1 attribute) and Tome of Mortal Techniques (gives 3 ability points). And every time your characters level up, these tomes will be replenished so make sure you buy them immediately. These can be quite expensive though as it costs around 10,000 gold each but can be reduced more if you have high level of bartering.

By the time you reach level 20, you will have netted a fair amount of stats and ability points in your characters. You may say it?s not much, but it?s just one of the few ways on how to enhance your characters.

This sums it up for today. If you have any questions or reactions, feel free to comment below. Happy hunting!

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