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Divinity: Original Sin Cheats and Tricks (Part 1)

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Screenshot by Paolo Nancho

I?ve just finished playing the game this weekend and it took me 3 weeks of playing on and off, which I know is a lengthy amount of time by gamers? standards.

Before anything else, I just wanted to say that Divinity: Original Sin is one of the most difficult games I?ve played in a while. And it?s not because of the battles or the puzzles (which is also hard by the way), but rather the game?s lack of plot direction (if that makes any sense). Oftentimes I find myself wandering in the game without knowing where to go and I end up consulting my best friend Google which is something I vowed to myself at the very beginning not to do.

Okay enough chitchat, let?s head back to the topic. I just want to share a couple of tricks and cheats for those of you who haven?t finished the game yet. If you are wondering why I put ?cheats?, it?s because some of the things listed here are absurdly lame and they might ruin the game for you at some point. But trust me; this will certainly make your adventure a lot easier.

1. Make sure you put the Leech talent on your melee characters

You?re probably familiar with this already, but this really goes a long way. The Leech talent allows you to heal 5% of your total HP each time your character gets drenched in blood. This is even triggered when your character is hit by physical attacks which I think is pretty broken.

Leech will save you a lot of potions and headaches

Leech will save you a lot of potions and headaches [Screenshot by Paolo Nancho]

It?s optimal for a party to have at least one fully dedicated tank. Madora immediately comes into mind, who is a melee warrior by default. I believe she doesn?t have the skill when you first hire her, so make sure you get this skill for her. The same goes for your other melee characters. Although not really necessary, learning this skill will save you a lot of potions and headaches.

2. Get the attention of NPC?s to sneak inside rooms or steal items

This is a cheap trick, but could definitely net you a lot of gold. Doing this is pretty simple. For example, if you want to go inside a room or open a chest but an NPC is guarding you, unlink one of your characters from your party and move him/her in front of the NPC to the opposite of the room/chest/item you are planning to heist. Now, simply click the NPC and start a conversation with that character. By doing that, the NPC will turn his/her face to that character and the NPC won?t turn around until you end the conversation. With the NPC?s back turned, you can simply enter or steal whatever you want from the NPC?s property. If there are more than one NPC guarding you, you can just unlink another member of your party and do the same thing.

Try this sneaky trick to steal items

Try this sneaky trick to steal items [Screenshot by Paolo Nancho]

3. Save before opening chests and killing bosses

This is actually the lamest thing on this list. You might ask ?why would anyone do that?? Well, if you still haven?t figured this out, item drops in the game are random. For sure you have experienced opening a chest full of rare/legendary equipment but none of them are suitable for your characters (eg. Getting a crossbow but not having any ranger on your party). Or even worse is getting an item with useless attributes (eg. Staff with +Strength/+Dexterity).

If you save right before opening a chest (note: chests that drop rare items are usually found in areas after boss fights or in dig sites), you can basically guarantee yourself a usable rare item. If you don?t like the items inside the chest after identifying them, simply reload your last save. This goes the same for boss fights. Just save right before the last hit, and check the loot afterwards. Reload the game until you are satisfied with what you?ve got.

Reload until you're satisfied

Reload until you’re satisfied [Screenshot by Paolo Nancho]

So how will you know when to stop? Well, it?s up to you really. My personal rule of thumb is as long as I get one (legendary) item that I can use, then that?s already fine for me. If you?re lucky enough, you may receive a unique item for your hard work. But I suggest you don?t do these in the early to middle portions of the game (pre-level 12) since the transitioning of items will be fairly fast from that point, not to mention that they will all be fairly useless later on.

That?s it for now. I?ll post more of these ?cheats? for Divinity: Original Sin in the upcoming days. If you have any questions or reactions, feel free to comment. Happy hunting!

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