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Divinity: Original Sin Basic Tips

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This guide includes tips on Divinity: Original Sin’s general combat mechanics regarding the individual aspects of the gameplay.


  • Try to use healing potions more often, especially when it is nearly certain that your character is going to die. Healing potions are much cheaper than revival spells.
  • Watch your every step and action. For instance, if your character is on fire and you enter an oilfield, it will result in a large explosion.
  • A great way to earn money fast is to steal and break into houses, of course, if you will not get caught red handed. At first, you?ll only receive a warning, but if an NPC catches you multiple times, you will be attacked.
  • If you want to make combat much easier, search two companions. Your part may consist a maximum of 4 characters. The characters you replace with new ones will wait for you ?outside of time?. You can get there using the portal icon, on the right side of the screen.
  • In every combat, you can save your action point up for your next turn. Then you will be able to use those abilities you cannot afford on your first turn.
  • You can combine elemental magics and manipulate them. For example, if you use the air magic, which provides the ?chilled?, on a wet opponent, chances are they?ll freeze.
  • Always analyze the battlefield. If you can see some barrels with oil or poison, it would be better if your opponents are the one standing close to them when those barrels burst open, not you.
  • It?s always a great idea to tag a healer along with your party. The battle will be less costly, and also you can equip them with reviving spells.
  • The number under a character?s name symbolizes their disposition towards the character you are currently managing. The lower the digit, the more disliked your character is.
  • If you try to attack an ice creature with ice, it will be healed, and the same goes for each element. Apart from that, Undead opponents are healed by poison.
  • Counteracting is a very important element of combat. If you are fighting a fire-base opponent, it would be best to summon rain, because this diminishes the chance of setting your character on fire, and it will also weaken your enemy.


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