‘Divergent Movie’ Update: Divergent Series Will NOT Divert From Book Ending! What Will Happen To Tris? Spoiler Alert!

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Divergent Movie update

Rumors have been going around that there?s a big possibility of a Divergent series ending differently from the book, this after Allegiant, the last and final book of best-selling author wherein the movie version will show via a two-part series, wrapped up filming.

According to the rumors, Trish and Four will actually end up together at the end of the last movie ? a totally different ending from the book where Tris actually dies. According to Movie News Guide, Shailene Woodley, who plays Tris in the Divergent movies, confirmed in a recent interview that the franchise has decided not to meddle with the ending of the novel in its adaptation as a feature film.

The ending of the novel is considered tragic, so it was seriously considered to let the heroine live for the fans of the movie. The article said that this led the producers look for a ?find and replace? action for the ending, to make it more palatable for the viewers. This won?t happen however

Divergent?Movie Update: Series will not divert from book

In an interview with Digital Spy, the actress Shailene said that the ending in the book is the perfect way to end the life-changing struggles of Tris and Tobias, the movie?s main characters.

Woodley was ok with that: ?I think that it?s a beautiful decision that Veronica made. I mean, how often is it that somebody you really admire and who does take selfless risks every day ends up living??

The theory of a different ending might have come from the author of the series herself, Veronica Roth. In an interview with MTV a few years back, the author ?actually seriously considered letting Tris live.

?I thought about other options,? she said. ?But the more I thought about them, the more I felt like they weren?t really doing justice to her story. This is a very intense transformation that she undergoes, and to have her just be like, ?OK, well, we saved the day. Let?s wander off into the sunset together,? it just didn?t feel right. She earned a more powerful ending to her story than that.?

About the movie: The theme revolves around a ruined Chicago in the future that becomes a society, which eliminates independent thinking, and makes it mandatory for the citizens to conform to their social and personality related affiliations with five different factions.

Other rumors

In our earlier article we also discussed other teasers of the next Divergent movies. First, we saw a photo of Shailene Woodley?s new look in the movie, shared. The photo showcases a chin length hair and a well-toned body that is a fighting machine ready to take on the enemy.

Other news were also reported from the set of ?Allegiant? which included a battle scene were they used 30 children playing deadly scenes. The metal weapons which could have harmed the children were then replaced by their rubber counterparts easing the tension on the sets of the chaotic battle scene, Deadline posted.

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