?Divergent Movie Series? Update: Allegiant Plot Shows Tris & Four Getting Married? Four?s Childhood In Focus?

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?The Divergent Series: Allegiant? is slowly coming our way, take a moment to breathe in that thought and expect an action-packed movie with another level of drama and suspense. Tris Prior (Shailene Woodley) and Four (Theo James) will soon come back to the big screens, so while you?re waiting, here are some updates and rumors to pay attention to that we picked up along the way and if you haven?t seen the trailer yet, watch it here:

Crossing the wall

The group has decided to lead the charge against a common enemy and protect their world. Tris and Four will be crossing the wall and will need to overcome the obstacles that are set to come their way. Will Tris and Four have what it takes to win their battle?

Four?s childhood

Since the beginning of the series, Four has been somewhat a mystery to us, especially Tris. But in this upcoming movie, this will be the first time in the movie series that fans will see Four as a child, so expect some interesting stories and events about his memories.

Tris and Four getting married?

The building romance between Tris and Four can?t get sweeter. And the brewing romance between the two might be a sign of something more special that?s about to come to the movie. And with their on-screen chemistry right on the spot, everyone will be waiting for that special moment.

James was recently interviewed about his chemistry with Woodley and he agreed that they really have a strong on-screen romance. ?It was easy, to be honest. I?ve said this before: I think sometimes you have to make stuff happen chemistry-wise. You have to force it,? he said. ?But when you don?t and it?s very real and natural, that makes for the best scenes and also the most fun because if you have natural chemistry you can have fun and you can build on that.?

Be sure to clear your calendar when ?Allegiant? hits theaters on March 18, 2016.

Will the movie accurately follow the plot of Veronica Roth?s novel? What do you think the ending will be? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: Movie News Guide, M-Magazine

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