Divergent: Allegiant Review Round-up

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Is the movie a great follow up to the Divergent series, or is it a disappointment.

As the third part of the Divergent series, some have dubbed Allegiant as one of the best from the said series. But some have also said that the adaptation was a bit of a disappointment. So what was the verdict from the critics? We find out from the known geek and movie websites on what they have to say about the recently released film:

Den of Geek 4 out of 10

It may be the best of the three films, but in the main, Allegiant is overly solemn and only mildly diverting. We’d say they’re getting better, but the latest instalment feels like a lateral move from dystopian action to conspiracy thriller. Woodley continues to bring bucket-loads more conviction than the material deserves, but the biggest strength of this third movie switching things up visually is the biggest weakness of the series overall – it’s too changeable to leave any lasting impression.

Empire 4 out of 10

As is now the fashion with YA adaptations, Allegiant is but the first half of the finale ? its conclusion, Ascendant, won?t surface until next year ? and the plot-fudging is partly a result of this. But while there?s still time for the story to right itself, mired as it is in gene wars and amnesia gas, it?s hard to summon much energy for the struggle to come.

Competent but neither Consistent nor particularly Coherent.

The Guardian 4 out of 10

All types of people will find something that irks them in the penultimate part of the Divergent franchise. The erudite will tire of the lank plot, the dauntless will find the action boring. Even the most selfless and peaceful will start to feel a self-righteous rage as, once again, doe-eyed dullard Tris (Shailene Woodley) and man slab Four (Theo James) take on the nasty grown-ups of post-apocalyptic Chicago. This time their beef lies beyond the city?s walls, where a super scientist called David (Jeff Daniels) is diddling with our DNA in the hope that he can create a ?pure? race. Uh-oh. Big but boring, expensive but cheap-looking, Allegiant spins in place, waiting for next year?s Ascendent to come along and offer resolution. In all candour: you can do without it.

Divergent: Allegiant is currently in theaters everywhere


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