?Divergent: Allegiant? News: Final Release Date, Shailene Woodley?s New Look, Teasers On The Set, And More!

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Divergent Movie update

With only a few months left, the ?Divergent? movie series is almost nearing the opening of its third installment ?Allegiant?. And with that in mind, fans are expecting a well-prepared, thought-out movie that will be talked about until the years to come. The ?Divergent? series has become one of the most anticipated movies beside ?Hunger Games?, garnering more than $56 million in their box opening on the adaptation of the first book.

Expect ?Allegiant? Director Robert Schwentke to surely make it his life?s work to make the best ?Allegiant? movie adaptation ever. Social media has been posting and sharing some spoilers about the upcoming movie and a lot of fans are expecting a good ending to keep them from becoming restless.

The third and final installment to the ?Divergent? series ?Allegiant? will be split in two ? as with almost ALL movie series when it comes to the last installment. And apparently, they are making sure that they take full advantage of the audience?s money. Although you?ll spend two times the price of one movie, ?Allegiant? is a good enough book to make an excuse for creating two parts.

The first Allegiant is coming out in March 2016, while the final part is set to be released March 2017.

Teasers on the set

The cast is busy shooting for the movie adaptation of Veronica Roth?s series and recent updates include a photo of Shailene Woodley?s new look in the movie, shared by Movie News Guide. The photo showcases a chin length hair and a well-toned body that is a fighting machine ready to take on the enemy.

Other scenes were also reported from the set of ?Allegiant? which included a battle scene were they used 30 children playing deadly scenes. The metal weapons which could have harmed the children were then replaced by their rubber counterparts easing the tension on the sets of the chaotic battle scene, Deadline posted.

As for the plot, as the Divergent series seem to be loyal to the book, expect the factions to open their gates to the outside world. What will they find out? Are there others out there or are they the only people left in the world?

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